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Who is Lani?

Lani is a Colombian-American singer/songwriter and self-taught keyboardist and accordion player based in Des Moines, Iowa. Always at her disposal have been her catchy melodies and lyrical hooks, with a delicate yet powerful voice that has the power to touch every heart it comes across. With the incorporation of South American rhythms and instruments, such as mambo, cumbia, and vallenato, Lani brings a new flavor of rhythm and spicy Latino flavor to her compositions. 

Lani's Story

Being born in Florida, raised in Des Moines, Iowa, and being a first-generation child of Colombian immigrants, Lani has never quite fit in with any particular group of people. Her home was in one place, with her roots in another. In a sea of reds with blood of blues, Lani’s identity glows purple. How do you explain color to someone who has never seen color before when you can barely understand the differences yourself?

Lani’s mission is to connect to multiple communities through her songwriting and her performances. With bits of her heart settled in a wide variety of genres (ranging from pop, Latin, rock, many more), she hopes to bring a unique blend of her Colombian heritage and American pop culture to the scene. 

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What else does Lani do?

Lani is also involved with multiple musical groups in the Des Moines area. She is the keyboardist for the Latin combo band Son Peruchos and the fiddler duo Dueling Fiddles in their full band. 

Lani sings at Plymouth Church as a keyboard vocalist in the Saturday night band for Saturday night service. She has also sung with First United Methodist church as the choir section leader and worship songleader. 

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