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Allegra Hernandez

Allegra Hernandez is a musician and guitarist from Des Moines, IA. Their music is layered with intricate dynamics and rich, melodic, guitar on top of heartfelt vocals. Allegra lets the music speak for itself onstage, with an organic and loud performance. With elements of rock, melodic hooks, and splashes of technical skill, Allegra taps into a realm of musical versatility. Strong songwriting and vocals are combined with exceptional guitar playing, big chunky distortion, searing leads, and first-person vignettes. Find Allegra's music on major streaming platforms and Bandcamp. Allegra also plays with other musicians, artists, and songwriters in Iowa. 

More on Allegra...

Aside from being an artist, Allegra also is the music director at School of Rock West Des Moines, teaching guitar and bass lessons, while also being a show director for the school's student bands. Additionally, they also studied music at McNally Smith College of Music and Berklee College of Music, where they graduated from in 2020. They also work with a local non-profit, Girls Rock! Des Moines. As a non-binary person, Allegra is passionate about supporting and uplifting transgender, gender non-conforming, and queer youth. They are also passionate about making music accessible to everyone.

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